Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hiatus: Plus and Minuses

Many artists are certainly more diligent than I with posting updates about studio activity. Fleet-footed time swirls around me causing me to lose track of the days. Frequently, it seems like I wake up Monday morning bright eyed and all that, and go to bed Friday night wondering what happened to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
This is not so unusual, I suppose, when I think that the early months of the year were consumed with preparations for my two-month show, “Hanging Threads”, at the Leslie Powell Art Gallery, see July 22, 2010. I had 30 textile wall hangings in that show. It all was very exciting and gratifying because I sold many pieces, saw many old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, and was told “Hanging Threads” attracted the most traffic that the gallery had ever experienced, all of which made me very humble, and happy, too.
During the lead up to this show, I also had to finish my entry to the International Quilt Association competition at the annual World of Quilts Show in Houston. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to submit an entry for consideration. This is a juried show and I feel quite blessed and lucky to have been juried into this show 14 years in a row. I hope I haven’t just jinxed my future entries.

This year is was: Scouts 37” × 37”,
Also I was invited to participate in the 3rd “Heart and Soul of the Great Plains” invitational art show hosted by Lawton’s Leslie Powell Art Gallery, Museum of the Great Plains, and Comanche National Museum, which runs until December 31, 2010. Badlands (see below) hangs in the Museum of the Great Plains for this exhibition.
In the moments when not working in my studio, I do have a wonderful home life to which I pay attention. My husband and I like to travel. We take daily field trips with our hunting dog. I am always planning, stewing over and thinking of my next big work of textile magic. I read historical journals and review other resources to help inspire and refine the images that are continuously developing in my mind. My imagination is always on high alert turning over ideas and examining potential subjects. I also make a point to work in my studio every day. It is hard to find the spare moments needed to write this journal. I hope my blog followers will understand and not give up on me. As my friend, Ricky says, “I’m bizzy”. And I offer that in the most polite way.

Badlands, 46" w × 36" l
© 2008, Carol Ann Sinnreich

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