Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Rush Hour" Inspiration

This was a piece commissioned by a couple who have a lovely summer home surrounded by a gorgeous stone wall on Martha's Vineyard, MA. The entire scene was created from many photos I took from the terrace of their home which overlooks Vineyard Sound. The amazing sunset really did occur. We were speechless because we could not believe what we were witnessing that special sunset evening. Simple oohs and ahhs didn't describe it. The colors were unbelievably bold, ranging from neon yellows, brilliant oranges, pinks, purples, dark navy blues, bright cerulean blues and some other hues having no names. At the moment, knowing I was engaged to do a commission, I told my hosts, this is the one and I relied on the photos to re-create the bold emotions we all felt that evening.

We were looking over the stone wall as we watched the incredible light show on the horizon and, of course, the wall had to be featured in the pictorial. The entire wall hanging, 62" x 45", was accomplished by machine applique with turned-under edges, no fusibles involved, and machine quilted to finished it.

Rush Hour, 62" x 45"    SOLD

The imaginary cat was added because the owner had bought 3 other small pieces on mine which featured a travelling white cat situated in various places around the world and these were hung in a nearby bedroom. Knowing Rush Hour would be hanging in another bedroom, I figured the white cat might just stroll down the hallway, hop up on the wall to see the sunset. This bedroom was chosen for Rush Hour because it is the only room in the house which didn't have a view of any sunset, but now it does.