Saturday, August 29, 2015

"The Quilt Show" Experience

It was a friendship that began over the blasphemous tearing of fabric strips, whirring sewing machines, music and lots of laughter. In the time since, Ricky Tims has become a quilters’ rock star. He has also admired and supported my work and such approval has provided me encouragement and opportunities. I have been blessed by having Ricky among my quilting friends and I am grateful.

Eight years ago Ricky and the fabulous Alex Anderson teamed up to assemble a highly successful on-line venue, “The Quilt”, which provides all the latest in quilting trends featuring quilting artists, their knowledge and experiences. Although I no longer teach or produce patterns, I work in one area that warranted an invitation to film an episode with Ricky and Alex. I do commission artwork and the logistics of commissions was the focus for my 
interview with Ricky and Alex in late March 2015.

My episode #1612 was posted on line June 8, 2015 ( I can proudly report that my experience working with Ricky, Alex and their entire staff was a fabulous one which not only introduced me to a real studio set, cameras, crew people and all the many activities that buzz around as the crew produces the show, but the occurrence also taught me a few things about myself.

The chance to accept the invitation and its follow-through reinforced my skills for analyzing the probabilities, 
organizing how to prepare for the likelihood of handling tasks and questions presented by the hosts and their staff, and addressing the requirement to get my act together in order to avoid embarrassing any of us. Everyone was extremely helpful in preparing me, and included me by working with suggestions as the segment was planned and carried out.
The entire trip to Denver from start to finish was positive, and especially rewarding in that it validated my artwork, my direction and my talent. No small gift to have that kind of reinforcement presented from time to time to keep an artist feeling confident. I feel thankful for having come in contact with so many friendly professionals of the filming industry.

During the filming of #1612, I presented a photo of a sunset I had taken and was working with as a commission for clients in Massachusetts. The work is finished and is presently hanging in their home on Martha’s Vineyard. 

Rush Hour  62" w x 45" l