Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trumpets of Spring

This image shows the return of the ever-faithful jonquils, the very same ones I used as inspiration for the ones in the Garden Series (see October 2009).

Spring Time Studio

Late January produced a horrific ice storm that was unlike anything I had ever witnessed living in upstate New York, Europe or anywhere else for that matter. It was catastrophic to the landscape surrounding my home. Icy sleet layered an inch, or more, of ice over every thing to include blades of grass in the yard.

Power lines swung ever so low until the poles snapped leaving many communities without electricity for weeks. I could hear the ‘shot gun’ blasts as the limbs on my trees snapped falling to the ground or just fell hanging over one another. It was very so sad to see that most trees within 60 miles were reduced to skeletons, stark reminders of nature’s wrath. This type of wintry event occurred all over the world and not just here in Oklahoma. Fortunately, we did not lose our electricity and I could continue working in my studio.

Even though things were bleak, the yellow crocus didn’t falter and neither have the jonquils, which are in bloom in my garden this day.