Saturday, September 19, 2009

Garden Secrets Series

During the summer, I worked on a series of small pieces in preparation for July 2010’s gallery show I am doing. I was curious about fusible materials and wanted to explore the medium because it is so popular by other artists. I chose small formats, 6" squares, to further challenge my design instincts.

©Carol Ann Sinnreich

Cat & Marigolds
©Carol Ann Sinnreich

©Carol Ann Sinnreich

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer Grasses Fade

Because I don’t work well with triple-digit summer heat, this year I have been like a lizard stretched out flat along side a watering hole waiting for relief. Yes, I do have A/C and fans going in my home and studio, but I really prefer arctic temps and must wait for winter. So my dog and me lie low and pant a lot until there’s a swing of the weather vane.
I have spent my time thinking, stewing, reviewing photos, drawing and designing new work in preparation for my gallery show next year. The heat of summer is passing, which means the cooler temperatures inspire more activity in my studio. In the weeks ahead, I will be preparing the master patterns and pulling fabrics for each design to launch an autumn frenzy of action. New CDs have been assembled and stacked to fill the studio with the music of Mario Lanza, Placido Domingo, and may be a mariachi group, or not. Who knows?

As the summer grasses fade and wildflowers pop their seeds, I add, "Wind in the Grasses" to bid a glad farewell to the dog days.